Portugal, holidays and tours to Portugal
A rich history elevates Portugal to a high pedestal, because this means that tourists will have interesting excursions to historical places, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In…

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To Portugal for the weekend
A beach holiday in Portugal is good in every way. Excellent water quality, safety, varied service, good environment and equipment. We have compiled a list of the best beaches in…

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Why Portugal is not for everyone
Greetings, dear readers of DOU! My name is Vadim. After reading many articles in the section on relocation, I never found a person who would write anything about Portugal. We…

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Porto is the northern capital of Portugal. A special city with a unique atmosphere and amazing architecture. Walk through the streets of the old city, see all the most unusual buildings, try port – our list of 10 things that you should devote time to Port.


What, if not the kitchen, will best introduce you to a new place? In the case of Porto, of course, port comes first. In any cafe or shop you will find this wonderful drink. Continue reading

Portugal resorts – where to go and what to visit?

Portugal is a relatively new tourist destination that is rapidly gaining popularity. This country has it all – and great beaches, and hotels for every taste and budget, eateries and restaurants that offer dishes from recently caught seafood. This country is impressive from the first minutes, especially since you can choose the resort town of Portugal, which offers the relaxation and entertainment that you like. The tour operator “Eremenko & Partners” will help you choose the right place and organize a first-class tour with departure from Ukraine in this colorful country!

Multifaceted Portugal – resorts for lovers of beach holidays, attractions and delicious cuisine
Beach resorts in Portugal annually attract tourists from all over the world. One of the most luxurious resorts in Portugal is considered the Algarve. Various beaches stretch for 150 kilometers, and the abundance of almond and orange trees is breathtaking. Here you can see Gothic cathedrals and Moorish castles, old villas and unique natural landscapes. Basically, there are luxury hotels with golf clubs, excursions on yachts and luxury apartments. Vilamoura is considered the most popular resort center – luxurious hotel complexes, casinos, restaurants and bars are concentrated here. Also in the Algarve it is worth visiting the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, where pink flamingos, zoos and 3 water parks are found. You can order a tour in the Algarve from the tour operator “Eremenko and partners” with a departure from Kiev. We will help you choose the right hotel, advise you on fascinating excursions and offer the best prices for holidays and departure from Kiev. Continue reading

Portugal – a country of unforgettable experiences

You can experience a real sense of envy for those people who are traveling for the first time to the country of snow-white buildings, excellent ocean beaches and the best summer climate in Europe – Portugal.

Some 120 years ago, Portugal was a real metropolis of the colossal colonial empire, which was not affected by the armed conflicts in Europe. And the last two world wars did not affect the western end of continental Europe. This explains the preserved medieval urban development and a huge number of ancient historical buildings.

Portugal by the ocean

Portugal by the ocean
Portugal has the longest ocean coast among European countries, suitable for a beach holiday. The sandy beaches of Portugal, covered with golden sand, are the standard for a comfortable summer and autumn vacation. In coastal waters, many underwater objects have survived for experienced and novice divers. Diving in Portugal annually gathers true underwater adventurers in secluded coastal corners. Continue reading

Nazare, Portugal: Surfing, Beaches, Fishing and Paste
Somewhere halfway between the capital of Portugal, Lisbon and the beautiful Porto, a small fishing village, Nazare, sheltered. And perhaps this place would have gone unnoticed if it were not…


Portugal and a healthy lifestyle
Not everyone is aware that the Portuguese are reverent about their health. For example, according to the National Institute of Statistics of Portugal, more than 51% of the country's population…


Things to do at Christmas in Lisbon and the surrounding area
Every year in the capital of Portugal more and more Christmas and New Year events are held, including fairs, concerts, enchanting shows for children and adults. The end of 2019…


Portugal. The best beaches and a thousand startups a year
I decided not to write the pros and cons in the expanded version. All this is very subjective, so everyone decides for himself. I came to Portugal on a study…