Cascais, Portugal - A Guide to Landmarks and Landmarks
The charming fishing town of Cascais is located in the western part of the marvelous coast of Lisbon. This is a historic and prosperous city with magnificent buildings, carefully maintained…

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Portugal - a country of unforgettable experiences
You can experience a real sense of envy for those people who are traveling for the first time to the country of snow-white buildings, excellent ocean beaches and the best…

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Last-minute tours to Portugal at any time of the year
There is an opinion that only those who want to save on travel are interested in last-minute tours. But is it really so? To find out, we conducted a survey…

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Portugal – a green fairy tale on the edge of the earth

Portugal or the Portuguese Republic occupies the most western bridgehead of continental Europe in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. It is there that the Land’s End is located – Cape Cabo de Roca.

Brief Encyclopedic Reference
The capital is Lisbon. It is the only one in Europe on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is among the countries of the Schengen agreement.

The state currency is the euro.

Territory and climate
From the south and west, the state is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and in the north and east the border with Spain passes.
Continental Portugal covers an area of ​​92.3 thousand square meters. km There are also island territories. Continue reading

Last-minute tours to Portugal at any time of the year

There is an opinion that only those who want to save on travel are interested in last-minute tours. But is it really so? To find out, we conducted a survey of our customers, asking them 3 questions. As a result, you found out that discounted tours that go on sale a few days before the trip get different categories of tourists. Among them there are limited budget students and financially well-off businessmen, youth and pensioners, family people and those who prefer to relax one at a time.

We share with you information about our survey by submitting questions and the most common answers.

Question: Why did you buy a last-minute ticket to Portugal?

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Benefits of Charter Flights

Charter flights are not included in the main flight schedule, but our compatriots know firsthand about their advantages. Usually charters from St. Petersburg organize during the “high tourist season”, when the demand for airline tickets to various destinations, including to Portugal, is noticeably increasing.

It is important that direct charters are an opportunity to quickly and comfortably get to holiday destinations, where there are no regular flights without transfers and connections. Until recently, Petersburgers and other residents of the North-West region had to get to Portugal “on the crossroads” via Moscow, Riga or airports in Finland. It was required to leave home in advance, especially if it was necessary to cross the border, where there are often lines.

If the flight departed early in the morning, then travelers had to spend a sleepless night at the airport of departure or spend money on the hotel. In addition, there are not many direct flights even from all of these cities, so travel time is increased by waiting at transit airports. So it turned out that before a tourist gets from St. Petersburg to Lisbon, he is already exhausted and he needs to “come to his senses” in order to feel like a “rest”. Continue reading

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