Thermal Resorts of Portugal
In Portugal, there are dozens of thermal springs, on the basis of many of which modern balneological complexes for the prevention and treatment of various diseases have been erected. A…

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New Year in Portugal - what to prepare for a tourist
Portugal, secluded on the edge of Europe, is reluctant to share secrets. You need to come yourself to understand how everything works. The Council applies to the celebration of the…

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The most typical Portuguese dishes by Region.
Gastronomy of Portugal is one of its most important attractions. The Portuguese are very proud of their cuisine and quite patriotic in matters of culinary preferences. And for good reason…

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Lisbon is located

Traveling to the wine attractions of Portugal

Oceanarium (Lisbon)
Lisbon Oceanarium in the Park of Nations
The coastal country of Portugal throughout its history is closely connected with the sea, so if you are interested in the sights of Portugal related to the sea, you have something to visit in Portugal. In the capital of Portugal, Lisbon is one of the largest aquariums in the world. Every year, over a million visitors come to watch the life of marine inhabitants through panoramic glass.

The advantage of the Lisbon Oceanarium is that it was created not just for the entertainment of the general public, but also for general educational purposes. For example, in the building of the Oceanarium there are departments of marine biology and oceanography, where many scientific lessons are held that will be interesting to both adults and children.

The architectural feature of the Oceanarium in Lisbon is that it was built directly on the water – on the banks of the Tagus River, and with a land it is connected by a 2-level ramp. The oceanarium was opened for visitors in 1998, and in 2011 another building was opened for temporary exhibitions. Continue reading

“Portugal is a country of three religions: football, food and family”

Why moved to Porto
I love crossroads – they have time to stop and think. In Moscow it is not always possible to find time for such stops. In December 2014, I found myself at such a crossroads. There was a feeling that I was not going my own way.

I was born in Jordan, where I lived the first ten years of my life. Then she moved to Tver, and then to St. Petersburg. For some time she lived and worked in Finland, and then in India. In 2013, I moved to Moscow – to interesting projects, a strong environment and that very crossroads. Then I decided to leave Moscow and live the life that I dreamed of – next to the sea and with the opportunity to surf.

In February 2015, I was interviewed to work for an IT company in the marketing department in Porto, Portugal. After four months of struggle for a working resident visa, I flew to a new country. Continue reading

When going on a tour of Portugal

When going on a tour of Portugal, remember that you need not only to buy a ticket and pay for hotel accommodation, but also need to arm yourself with useful information about the country. Otherwise, you may have difficulties at the most inopportune moment. For example, when passing customs, currency exchange, paying for purchases in a store and cafe.

We publish information that will not be superfluous for a traveler in the territory of Portugal.

To enter Portugal, you need a Schengen visa. You can order a Portuguese Schengen visa on your own or with our help. Any other Schengen multi-visa is also suitable, but remember that the first entry must be in the country for which it was ordered. That is, if you received a Finnish Schengen visa, then do not forget to visit Finland first before traveling to Portugal. And if a Spanish visa, then in Spain.

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Porto is the northern capital of Portugal. A special city with a unique atmosphere and amazing architecture. Walk through the streets of the old city, see all the most unusual…


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Sights of Portugal
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Mafra Palace
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