Surf Camp in Ericeira, Portugal
Ericeira is a world-class surf spot with a variety of quality spots. Certified instructors will teach you how to surf. We are always scrupulous in choosing a school - you…

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One of the most beautiful Portuguese cities
City Museum of Evora (Altu Alentejo Province, 130 km from Lisbon) Xieu Cathedral in Evora One of the most beautiful Portuguese cities, which in fact is a tourist attraction in…

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Holidays in Portugal: what a tourist needs to know
Recently, more tourists come to Portugal to relax than in previous years. The high interest in the country located on the westernmost edge of Europe is explained by a number…

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“Portugal is a country of three religions: football, food and family”

Why moved to Porto
I love crossroads – they have time to stop and think. In Moscow it is not always possible to find time for such stops. In December 2014, I found myself at such a crossroads. There was a feeling that I was not going my own way.

I was born in Jordan, where I lived the first ten years of my life. Then she moved to Tver, and then to St. Petersburg. For some time she lived and worked in Finland, and then in India. In 2013, I moved to Moscow – to interesting projects, a strong environment and that very crossroads. Then I decided to leave Moscow and live the life that I dreamed of – next to the sea and with the opportunity to surf.

In February 2015, I was interviewed to work for an IT company in the marketing department in Porto, Portugal. After four months of struggle for a working resident visa, I flew to a new country. Continue reading

The whole truth about the climate of Portugal

The encyclopedias indicate that continental Portugal (do not forget about Madeira and the Azores) is located in a subtropical climate zone. However, this information does not give an unambiguous answer about the actual state of affairs.

In short, the country is characterized by tropical summers, but non-tropical winters. That is, in the summer months the thermometer rolls over because of hell, and in the winter months it is difficult to imagine that this is a southern country. But this is averaged information, because the weather in a particular place depends on the topography and the distance from the ocean, which sets the “concert” – it blows life-giving coolness in the midst of July hell, softens the February cold, treacherously descending from the mountains.

Inexperienced tourists generalized table of average monthly temperature in Portugal is confusing, since the daily fluctuations on the coast sometimes reaches 20º. It is more useful to deal with the weather by region. Continue reading

Portuguese surprise foreign tourists

10 interesting facts about Portugal:
the country has been officially recognized for many centuries by the End of the World;
For a long time, neighboring states repeatedly encroached on Portuguese lands, but the people survived these times, and then strengthened their world influence thanks to the great geographical discoveries;
Lisbon is the only capital of a European state that stands on the Atlantic coast;
Every year, more tourists than Portugal acquire the tours to Portugal;
the most attractive tours to Portugal are tours to Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, Alentejo, to the island of Madeira, the Azores;
most often tourists from Great Britain, Spain, Germany are interested in tours to Portugal;
Portuguese and Spaniards have more differences than most people living in the neighborhood;
the country has 850 km of wonderful beaches on the Atlantic coast; Continue reading

The history of Lisbon can be divided into two parts: before and after the earthquake of 1755. In just 6 minutes, more than 80 thousand people died, Lisbon was completely…


Portugal. The best beaches and a thousand startups a year
I decided not to write the pros and cons in the expanded version. All this is very subjective, so everyone decides for himself. I came to Portugal on a study…


Buddhist park. Characters
Portugal. Buddhist park. Characters When choosing tours and excursions in Portugal, you should pay attention to the Buddhist park, which was recently created. During a walk in the park, tourists…


When going on a tour of Portugal
When going on a tour of Portugal, remember that you need not only to buy a ticket and pay for hotel accommodation, but also need to arm yourself with useful…