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Car trip in Portugal

Much of what many are looking for overseas is located in Europe. Car trip through the southernmost region of Portugal – the Algarve. The most beautiful beaches of the Algarve, attractions, route details and practical moments in the second part of the report on a trip to Portugal.

Start here – Car trip in Portugal. Part 1. Lisbon – Sintra – Cape of Rock Marinha beach, Algarve Although we did not set ourselves the tasks, the trip turned out to be quite eventful. Before I begin to talk about where we were and what we saw, I allow myself to give advice. Do not buy any guides to Portugal, especially if you are going to indulge mainly in beach pleasures and spend only 10-12 days on it. A guide is probably needed for the northern part of the country or if you suddenly get pulled into the Douro River inland. Although, even in this case, I would rather print out some sensible report on Porutalia. Algarve, Portugal

So, the Algarve, the most relaxing and most picturesque part of Portugal. People come here for beach pleasures and for beautiful landscapes. Without exaggeration, I’ll say that behind steep rocky shores, beautiful grottoes and a unique skyline, you should not go to the coast of Australia, to the West of the USA or to New Zealand. Portugal will not disappoint. Algarve, Portugal

Our route from Lisbon: It is short – Lisbon-Lagoa-Lisbon, there is only one place to stay, and from there we ride radially to the surroundings. Detailed route in Portugal: From Lisbon to the Algarve beaches by car. Algarve route map

Lagoa was chosen as the base for exploring the Algarve. Why? Most choose the popular Lagos or Albufeira – I will talk about these places in more detail. Casa Azul Oasis

And we chose Lagoa – a small town a few kilometers from the coast. Yes, we went to the Algarve and lived not on the coast, but 6 km. from the ocean. Do not rush to draw conclusions. Lagoa is the perfect place to travel around the Algarve. For travel, not for lying on the same beach or on sunbeds near the hotel overlooking the ocean. To fly to Portugal and spend 10-14 days there on one beach and even in a very good hotel – this is real stupidity.

The best hotel in Lagoa, in our opinion, is Casa Azul Oasis, we chose it by carefully studying two dozen offers along the coast, and the decisive factor was probably intuition, which in the end did not disappoint. Without any advertising, I highly recommend it. The location is perfect.

Here is a brief description of the hotel: small, several rooms – as we love, located 6 km. from the coast in the town of Lagoa. This is approximately in the middle of the Algarve – it is convenient to explore the area and ride from beach to beach, the daily fare did not exceed 100 km., But mostly 20-40 km. left-right and a little deep in the Algarve.

Casa Azul Oasis

Large cozy rooms with a terrace or balcony – this is important for us, a swimming pool and a cozy table for evening gatherings with a glass of Portuguese dry wine. Price – 50 euros with breakfast, if ordered directly from the owner, the owner Goran, a Swede, is very friendly and sociable. The price is 60 euros with breakfast, for August and for the Algarve it is almost free. Breakfast is not amazing, but we had enough. In the lobby there is a refrigerator with a good selection of wine, which is only a couple of euros more expensive than in a supermarket. By the way, a supermarket is also nearby – a mile and a half away. Naturally free parking and excellent internet.

Most Algarve hotels do not have air conditioning, let it not bother you. It has a special climate, it is cool in the evening and in August a comfortable wind blows from the Atlantic, and the ventilation in the hotels is arranged in such a way that it acts as a natural air conditioner, it was comfortable in the rooms even in the afternoon, with the door to the veranda closed.

Distances from the hotel to the main points of interest – Lagos and its surroundings, Albufeira and its surroundings do not exceed fifty kilometers. A little further to the lighthouse on Cape Sagres and the beautiful coast of Vincentino, plus another 40 minutes drive – this was not a big problem.

Lunch time and we decide to start by finding a suitable supermarket, and at the same time see the town of Lagoa before sunset. A supermarket is nearby, although it is better to buy wine at the Lagoa liquor store – right in the center with very nice prices. Dry wines – 2-10 euros, Ports – from 3 euros for a cheap Ruby type to expensive vintage ones for 100-200 euros, I understand that in Kiev such a port would cost at least twice as much. Lagoa

You can read about food in Portugal and local cuisine in the article In the labyrinths of Portuguese cuisine.

The next morning is an early check-out immediately after breakfast, which Goran personally served to each guest, the route was outlined after a short conversation with the hotel owner.

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