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Traveling to the wine attractions of Portugal

Oceanarium (Lisbon)
Lisbon Oceanarium in the Park of Nations
The coastal country of Portugal throughout its history is closely connected with the sea, so if you are interested in the sights of Portugal related to the sea, you have something to visit in Portugal. In the capital of Portugal, Lisbon is one of the largest aquariums in the world. Every year, over a million visitors come to watch the life of marine inhabitants through panoramic glass.

The advantage of the Lisbon Oceanarium is that it was created not just for the entertainment of the general public, but also for general educational purposes. For example, in the building of the Oceanarium there are departments of marine biology and oceanography, where many scientific lessons are held that will be interesting to both adults and children.

The architectural feature of the Oceanarium in Lisbon is that it was built directly on the water – on the banks of the Tagus River, and with a land it is connected by a 2-level ramp. The oceanarium was opened for visitors in 1998, and in 2011 another building was opened for temporary exhibitions.

In a huge aquarium, about 500 species of fish, marine mammals, invertebrates and plants are represented. In total, the aquarium includes 4 zones, each of which corresponds to different parts of the planet:

North Atlantic Ocean;
Pacific Ocean;
Indian Ocean;
And going down to the floor below, you can see the central aquarium – a huge reservoir with water and numerous marine inhabitants, symbolizing the oceans.
Official website: https://www.oceanario.pt/en

Be sure to watch this beautiful video about Portugal!

Altu Douro (Douro Valley)
Terraced vineyards in the Altu Douro Valley
Those who want to go back a few centuries ago have something to see in Portugal: this is the Altu Douro Valley, a popular wine region in the upper Douro River, near the city of Porto. In the region, known for the production of quality wine, does not use any modern technology and advanced achievements. Here, manual labor continues to flourish as a way of reproducing all winemaking processes.

The Altu-Douro region has long been known for the fact that for over 2 thousand years, wine of exceptional taste and quality has been produced here. Local climatic conditions have such weather features that allow you to collect generous grapes from a wide variety of grapes. The area is characterized by a rather steep topography of the soil, from different sides it is protected from winds and moisture by the mountains of Montemuro and Maran, which creates a dry and hot climate here, most favorable for ripening grapes and for obtaining aromatic fortified wines. The wine produced here takes first place at international competitions, and this once again confirms the quality of local products.

Traveling to the wine attractions of Portugal, one of the local households can conduct a tasting of drinks, buy delicious wine or port. If you wish, you can take part in the harvest and the subsequent festival of wine, feel the taste of life on this beautiful and fertile land.

Abbey of Santa Maria de Alcobasa (city of Alcobasa)
Facade of a medieval monastery in Alcobas
Monastery courtyard
The city of Alcobasa is known for its important attraction of Portugal – the abbey of Santa Maria de Alcobasa, founded in the 12th century. Nowadays, it is not just the most important historical monument, but also the largest church in Portugal.

The abbey building consists of 5 monasteries, a library, 7 bedrooms and an impressive kitchen. The decoration of the facade of the temple is a mixture of several styles for the reason that the building was completed in different eras. For example, the door and the main round window of the monastery, decorated in the Gothic style, are parts of the original church, and the flanking baroque bell towers and statues of saints were erected only in the 17-18 centuries.

In general, the monastery is a monumental architectural structure with a length of 220 meters, consisting of 3 parts – directly to the Church, as well as the North and South wings.

The construction of the monastery began in 1178, lasted almost a century and was completed only in 1252. Today, this landmark of Portugal is of high historical importance for the country and is a well-preserved example of Cistercian architecture. The special importance of this shrine in the history of Portugal lies in the fact that the kings of Afonso II, Afonso III, Pedro I, as well as other members of the royal families were buried here in the 13-14 centuries. In 1989, the monastery was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Peneda Gerês National Park (Northwest of Portugal)
Lima River in Peneda-Gerês National Park
As for the natural beauties of Portugal, we can say that there is a place for expanse and contemplation: amazing mountain landscapes, numerous lakes, rivers and waterfalls, lush greenery of mountain meadows – in short, you will find what to see in Portugal.

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