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Cascais, Portugal – A Guide to Landmarks and Landmarks

The charming fishing town of Cascais is located in the western part of the marvelous coast of Lisbon. This is a historic and prosperous city with magnificent buildings, carefully maintained parks and many interesting free museums.

Over the city, from which you can easily reach the magnificent sandy beaches, a vibrant atmosphere predisposes to communication. Cascais is a fantastic vacation spot where you can take an exciting day trip from Lisbon. This guide will introduce you to the wonderful resort town of Cascais, which is located in the central part of Portugal.

Highlights Cascais, Portugal
Ginshu’s wild beaches north of Cascais with frequent strong winds are ideal for surfing enthusiasts.
The magnificent Ginshu beach in the Serra de Sintra National Park

The attractive historic center of Cascais, teeming with private family restaurants, open-air cafes and stylish bars, is a great place to relax on a hot summer day or hang out with friends late in the evening.
Walk along the promenade connecting Cascais and Estoril ..

Pleasant walk through the picturesque area

Kastru Guimaraes Museum and impressive 19th century architecture.
Why exactly Cascais?
It is unlikely that you will be able to find a more suitable and better place to stay than in Cascais. First-class hotels, Portuguese hospitality and unique attractions await you here. The beaches of Cascais are truly fantastic and diverse; Ginshu beach is an unsurpassed beach for surf lovers, while the more comfortable Carcavelos Beach is ideal for families.

Those who are not interested in spending time on the beach can visit the lively Lisbon, picturesque Sintra, which are just a few minutes drive from Cascais, or take a fascinating walk through the Serra de Sintra National Park. To get an idea of ​​what you can see and do in Cascais, please check out this guide where you will find a detailed recommended weekly program in Cascais.

Castro guimaraes museum
Day trip to Cascais from Lisbon
An excursion to Cascais from Lisbon is one of the most interesting and popular, as you will get acquainted with the variety of historical monuments, magnificent buildings and interesting museums. In the heart of Cascais is the beautiful “Old Town”, which has preserved the traditional Portuguese spirit and historical heritage, which overlooks the fishing harbor. Far from the city and beaches, scenic coastal paths extend along the cliffs to Cabo Roca or Estoril. The beautiful city of Cascais has a lot to offer you; To get an idea of ​​its main attractions, please click here.
There is a regular rail link between Lisbon and Cascais, thanks to which the city is easily accessible to everyone who wants to visit it. A huge selection of excellent restaurants and bars on the beach can satisfy the most sophisticated visitors. An excursion to Cascais is one of the most popular among tourists who come to relax in Lisbon for more than 4 days. We recommend the following sequence of day trips from Lisbon: Sintra (2 days), Cascais, Obidos, Sesimbra (Serra da Arrabida) and Mafra.

Holidays in Cascais in the summer of 2019
Portugal is currently undergoing a process of unprecedented renewal; new enterprises are opened, hotels are being refurbished and modernized. All this instills a sense of confidence and optimism in the future of the Lisbon region. After a real tourist boom in the summer of 2018, Cascais expects an even greater influx of tourists next season.

This means that you need to book airline tickets and a hotel room in advance if you want the trip to be cheaper. Fortunately, many hotels that can be booked through large websites do not require a deposit for booking a room, which saves you from paying a penalty for canceling a booked room in case your plans change. If you really intend to visit Cascais, we recommend that you book a hotel now, as the best of them disperse very quickly.

The map below shows the location of hotels and rentals in Cascais; when you change the date of your vacation, the current rates appear on the map

Why is Cascais called the city of kings and fishermen?
Unlike many other Mediterranean resorts that appeared like mushrooms after the rain due to the rapid development of mass tourism, Cascais became a popular holiday destination in the early 19th century. Initially, it was a small fishing port, but the fate of the city radically changed.

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