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We calculate the budget of a trip to Portugal: Tourist tax

Active travelers are aware that in many European cities they have to pay additional tourist fees. The cost per night in hotels varies from 0.75 to 5 euros. Depends on the specific city, and sometimes the status of the institution. For example, in hostels in a number of cities the tax is less, and in five-star hotels – an order of magnitude more.

There is also a practice of charging at the time of arrival in the city – at airports and seaports.

In Portugal, tourist taxes are gradual. Before this, projects are carefully considered, conditions are determined, and the amount of collection calculated.

In the capital, collection is part of the Strategic Plan for Tourism in Lisbon. According to available information, the money will be taken until 2019, but the situation may change.

Touristic fees in Portugal
All foreigners and citizens from other regions arriving in Lisbon by air or ocean, pay 1 euro. They introduced the practice in 2015 and in the first year they replenished the treasury by 7 million euros. At railway and bus stations do not charge.

From Jan 1 In 2016, in the capital’s hotels, upon check-in, they began to take one euro for each of the first seven nights.

Since 2017, a similar program in terms and cost was launched in Cascais.

In Madeira, in the town of Santa Cruz, a local eco-tax of one euro is paid for the first five nights.

On March 1, 2018, Porto introduced a similar program, but the fee is set at two euros for the first seven nights.

Fees are drawn up on separate receipts, as they are not related to specific hotels, hostels, boarding houses and are not included in the total cost of living.

Tax exempted tourist categories:
children under 13 years old;
disabled people who are less than 60% able-bodied (first and second group);
citizens and foreigners who came for treatment (there must be documents).
The goals of collecting additional money from tourists:
Financing services for the maintenance and development of urban tourism infrastructure. In particular, money is transferred to maintain cleanliness, garbage collection, improve the aesthetic characteristics of the city.

Restoration, protection and cleaning of cultural heritage sites.

Development, manufacturing, placement of information signs that help tourists navigate.

Ensuring safety for tourists not only on the streets, but also in shops, catering establishments. The program checks the quality of goods, products and ready meals.

How to save money on living in Porto but not sacrifice comfort?
Hotel accommodation in Portugal is becoming more expensive every year. The reason is not only the growth of the exchange rate, but also inflation, forcing hotel owners to increase the price tag.

European businessmen raise hotel room prices on days when the flow of tourists is increasing, including taking into account the New Year holidays and long May weekends. But it is precisely at this time that it is so convenient to travel from Russia to relax abroad.

One of the options for saving is to buy a tour from the operator “Lusitana Sol”.

The company works with hundreds of hotels throughout Portugal on the basis of long-term contracts, so tourists are guaranteed preferential terms. You can buy a tour with air tickets included in the price or get to the place of rest yourself. Moreover, group transfers to the hotel and back on the day of departure are provided free of charge in any case.

For the sake of economy, it is worth considering the option of buying a finished tour from the Lusitana Sol company, because the number of excursion days varies depending on the program. Our employees have prepared useful tips for choosing tours.

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