Holidays in Portugal: what a tourist needs to know
Recently, more tourists come to Portugal to relax than in previous years. The high interest in the country located on the westernmost edge of Europe is explained by a number…

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The most typical Portuguese dishes by Region.
Gastronomy of Portugal is one of its most important attractions. The Portuguese are very proud of their cuisine and quite patriotic in matters of culinary preferences. And for good reason…

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1. Bakalyau (translated from Portuguese - “cod”) - the main dish of the country. Cod in Portugal has long been popular (especially among the poor), so in the local cuisine…

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“This place is more suitable for strong surfers than for timid bathers”

We had to hurry – we really wanted to finally get to know the ocean and, before visiting Cape Roca, lie on Praia Grande – one of the largest and most famous beaches near Lisbon. And he really turned out to be a “grandee.” The ocean generously gifted us with its assertive cool waves, and the shore with the most delicious pizza in the world (of course, according to the local waiter). True, I did not dare to swim there: this place is more suitable for strong surfers than for timid bathers.

Meanwhile, Cape Roca, familiar from the edge of the earth at a school geography course, was already waiting for us. On the one hand, this is another tourist attraction, and on the other, it’s a real place of power that no tourist with his selfie stick can level. I would be a poet, I would immediately write a poem or rap couplet, just by looking at how the ocean swallows the sun. But instead of poetry, the wind roared in my head – the general sponsor of our hairstyles on all the photos from Portugal.

Berlengash Island

Leaving Lisbon, we did not go south immediately. At first, we really wanted to visit the famous Berlengash island, which is located near the fishing town of Peniche. You need to get to it by boat on the open ocean – and this in itself is a separate attraction.

Life hack: grab a pill from motion sickness, a bag for people with a weak vestibular apparatus is given out on the spot.

€ 40 for two in 40 minutes of a merry trip, and you are already in a paradise – lagoons and a fort as from a picture. We walked on the island, lay on the beach, and my brave companion even swam (I patiently waited for the southern beaches – after all, the water on the west coast of Portugal turned out to be too cold for me). Having overcome the next mountains, we went to a local fort for beer and views.

“If Hitchcock knew about this place, he would certainly have shot his“ Birds ”on Berlengash Island”

The idea did not leave that if Hitchcock knew about this place, then he would certainly have shot his “Birds” on Berlengash Island. Seagulls are the mistresses of this place, there are thousands of them. However, lizards compete with them, of which there are no less.

Lifepack: there was no sun on the island that day, and we rashly hung out without sunblock. Do not repeat our mistakes – actively use the cream with at least spf 30, even if there is no sun.

In the evening, the same boat drove us to the shore of the Peniche. There we rented a room at a local hotel – Pinhalmar Hotel. Although he first reminded us of a Soviet hotel after a European-style renovation, it turned out to be quite good overall.

But what was really good was dinner at the local fish restaurant on Avenu do Mar. The portions there are very large and very tasty. It is worth ordering a local specialty – sardines and in addition something else. We ordered “bouillabaisse” as this “something else” and we were dragged a 3-liter pan of this wonderful pot of soup. We could not overpower her.

South: I follow the sun

Finally, we moved south, towards our main goal – a house near Lagos, a town in the main resort region of the country – Alagarve. As soon as we left Peniche, the heat returned immediately. In general, almost the entire time we spent during the day, the temperature held 33-35 degrees without a hint of clouds. In the evening, a cool breeze blew from the ocean, which completely abolished the need for air conditioning.

To the south we drove along a toll-free, almost empty highway and were there already after 4.5 hours. Money for using the road was withdrawn automatically from us and recorded on the account of the company from which we rented a car, so we did not even have to stop. With the car company, we settled after.

Thanks to the navigator, we found our home without any problems. Since we rented housing through Airbnb, the hostess herself met us. After a half-hour excursion, we got the keys to a real house in the village with all amenities, a swimming pool, Wi-Fi, parking, a separate kitchen, a dog Rosita, a cat Bagira and a nameless horse on the horizon. Our beautiful southern life began.

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