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Portugal - a green fairy tale on the edge of the earth
Portugal or the Portuguese Republic occupies the most western bridgehead of continental Europe in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. It is there that the Land's End is located…

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10 things to do in PORTUGAL

Portugal is a small country on the very edge of Europe. Despite its modest size, you will have to come here more than once. And the point is not even in the huge number of attractions, but in the special atmosphere, once you feel that, you will want to return again and again.


Without a doubt, the main attraction of Lisbon is the old tram number 28. It looks the same as almost 100 years ago, the modernization was insignificant. Its route begins on Campo Ourike and ends on Martim Monis Square. It is curious that this is not a sightseeing tram for sightseeing of the city (and there are many of them along its route: Saint-Georges castle, Santa Luzia observation deck and others), but a type of city transport.


Fado is a special style of traditional Portuguese music, popular and loved by almost all Portuguese. His homeland is Lisbon. You can listen to fada in special institutions (casa do fado), or in restaurants. In Lisbon, the traditional fado areas are Bairro Altu, Alfama and Madragoa. Concerts are held late in the evening, several times a week. It’s easy to navigate, usually in fado such lines are not only from tourists, but also from local residents.

3. Drive around Vasco da Gama Bridge

The Vasco da Gama bridge is considered the longest in Europe (the total length with accesses to the bridge is 17.2 km). It was built on the 500th anniversary of Vasco da Gama’s journey to India, when the waterway was opened. To ride the bridge, you need to take one of the TST buses that go from Oriente Station. You can combine business with pleasure and visit the second largest outlet in Europe, the Freeport Designer Outlet, which is located in the suburbs of Lisbon, Alcocete (you can get here by TST buses).


Estoril casino is the most popular and largest European casino, which even Monte Carlo overshadowed with its reputation. First of all, it is famous for the fact that during the Second World War there were often spies and exchanged information (Portugal kept neutrality). Also, the casino is shown in one of the James Bond films (“At Her Majesty’s Secret Service”).

5. Admire the Palaces of Sintra

Sintra is located 20 km from Lisbon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the surrounding area. In Sintra itself, there is the National Palace, and in the adjacent forests and hills several attractions are hidden at once: Pena Palace, Castle of the Moors, Quinta da Rigaleira Estate, Montserrat Palace and Capuchin Monastery. It is hardly possible to get around all this splendor (and it’s worth it) in one day, so it is better to come overnight.


Every year, in the city of Obidos (located in the central part of Portugal, north of Lisbon) in early March, a chocolate festival is held, which is attended by about 200,000 people. Here you can not only admire the numerous sculptures made of chocolate, try it and participate in a large number of various contests, but also learn how to make chocolate sweets on your own.


Porto is the northern capital of Portugal, a city of bridges and port. In 2012, he reached the finals of the Top 10 destinations 2012 competition (the best city to travel) and became its winner. There are objects of cultural significance (it is no coincidence that the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List), historical monuments, wine cellars and much more.


A truly fabulous Livraria Lello bookstore located in Porto. It was opened in 1906, but it still functions today and every day it meets a huge number of visitors. Livraria Lello has a stunning interior: a huge spiral carved staircase, stained glass windows, wood carvings, etc. Joan Rowling was inspired by the interiors of the store when writing “Harry Potter”, and some of the film’s scenes were shot here.


Cape of Doom is the westernmost point of the European continent. It is hard to believe, but this place became a tourist attraction only in 1979, so many tourists from all over the world can be found here. Read more about Cape of Doom, find out how to get here, see the photos at the link below.

Cape of Rock – the most western point of Europe


Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal. Many travelers believe that it is here that the most luxurious beaches in the country are located. The air temperature in the Algarve even in August does not exceed 30 degrees, you can relax all year round. The ocean is cool, but the waves are perfect for surfing. This is a great place for active and beach holidays, there are all conditions for playing sports throughout the year.

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Portugal - a green fairy tale on the edge of the earth
Portugal or the Portuguese Republic occupies the most western bridgehead of continental Europe in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. It is there that the Land's End is located…