To Portugal for the weekend
A beach holiday in Portugal is good in every way. Excellent water quality, safety, varied service, good environment and equipment. We have compiled a list of the best beaches in…

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Midway between the Old and the New Worlds in the middle of the Atlantic are the beautiful Azores. Nine islands are completely different from each other, but they are united…

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In Portugal, I felt like a "savage"
Finally, we moved south, towards our main goal - a house near Lagos, a town in the main resort region of the country - Alagarve. As soon as we left…

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Porto is the northern capital of Portugal. A special city with a unique atmosphere and amazing architecture. Walk through the streets of the old city, see all the most unusual buildings, try port – our list of 10 things that you should devote time to Port.


What, if not the kitchen, will best introduce you to a new place? In the case of Porto, of course, port comes first. In any cafe or shop you will find this wonderful drink. Go to the institute of port (there is one!), There you will be offered to try many different types, including the most seasoned, for several decades each. But it’s better not to go to the port museum – they won’t show anything interesting there, they won’t pour port. Once on the other side of the Douro River, you will see a bunch of wine cellars where port wine of various brands is stored. Do not be afraid to look inside, you will be happy to have an excursion, talk about the process of producing port, and let you taste it. In principle, it doesn’t matter which of the cellars you look into – it will be interesting and tasty everywhere.

The question of what to drink port in Porto has also long been resolved. Francesinha is a local specialty. Fine both in taste and in practicality, the dish consists of a pair of toasts, steak, Portuguese sausages, bacon. All this is baked with cheese, filled with an incredibly delicious sauce based on brandy and port, garnished with a fried egg.


In any port city there is a building that served as a guide for sailors when returning home from long voyages. In Porto, this is the tower of Torre dos Clerigos – Portugal’s tallest church tower. 76 meters is not so much, but enough to get tired, going up the stairs, and going up, afraid of heights, but gasping from the view.


If you already ended up in Portugal, then you are already used to azulejos, local drawings on the tiles. And the only thing that can make you say “wow” is a visit to the São Bento train station. You will not meet such azulejos anywhere else! It seems that on them you can track the entire history of the city and country. The acoustics in this place are striking – it seems to be the station, but there is no train noise. Or you just don’t notice it, because you are standing with your mouth open.

4. Pass over the bridge

The most striking architectural difference of Porto is the Ponte de Don Luis bridge. Large, monumental, it resembles the Eiffel Tower, lying on its side. And no wonder – it was built by one of the students of Gustav Eiffel. Be sure to go both along its upper part, from where it seems that the whole world is visible, and along the lower one, where you can concentrate on a detailed examination of the Ribeira region.


Speaking of Ribeira. Multi-colored houses stuck on each other in five, in ten rows, it seems, will never end. It was as if someone was playing Tetris here and could not win. Walk from Ponte de Don Luis one way, the other, go back. Stock up on time to listen to street musicians: both violinists in tailcoats and rastamans in dreadlocks.


Livraria Lello is one of Portugal’s oldest bookstores and one of the most beautiful in the world. The store has existed since the end of the 19th century; in 1906, a neo-Gothic building was designed for it, where the store still operates. The interiors seemed to have descended from the pages of fairy tales: stained-glass windows, red carpets, carved wood and curved stairs. For good reason, Joan Rowling was inspired by Livraria Lello when writing “Harry Potter”, and some scenes of the film were shot here. Entrance to the store is paid, but the ticket price is taken into account in case of purchase. You need to come to the opening – the store is very popular among tourists.


Well, or at least just look at the House of Music. This unusual modern building contrasts with the old city and, of course, attracts attention. The house of music was designed by architect Rem Koolhaas and gained international recognition. You can find yourself inside not only by buying a ticket for a concert, but also by coming on a tour. In addition, the interiors are visible from the street through large windows.


Porto is a small town by European standards; only 220 thousand people live here. Nevertheless, one of the best football teams in Europe plays in this city, and has won the Champions League more than once. Of course, in this city the team is honored and loved, and there is no way to find a quarter in which there would be no flags of the Porto football club. Be sure to visit the stadium “Dragau”, where it takes its rivals “Porto” and which holds as much as a quarter of the city!

9. VISIT THE Tram Museum

A large and monumental tram museum awaits you on the banks of the Douro River. The museum has dozens of trams of different years on display, and you can see how trams have changed over time. It is important to note that here are not only Portuguese trams, but also trams from the Czech Republic, USA, England, Italy.

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