Things to do at Christmas in Lisbon and the surrounding area
Every year in the capital of Portugal more and more Christmas and New Year events are held, including fairs, concerts, enchanting shows for children and adults. The end of 2019…

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Nazare, Portugal: Surfing, Beaches, Fishing and Paste
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We are going to Portugal
It all started three years ago with a picture on Pinterest. I set up a “to visit” board there and with the thought “dreaming is not harmful” added a magical…

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New Year in Portugal – what to prepare for a tourist

Portugal, secluded on the edge of Europe, is reluctant to share secrets. You need to come yourself to understand how everything works. The Council applies to the celebration of the New Year.

Features of the Portuguese New Year
The main festivals are traditionally organized by the Portuguese for Catholic Christmas. By the last days of December they feel tired, full, therefore they try to spend the main night of the year at home or in close company with friends. In principle, like many Russians.

However, on the streets, squares, and in resort towns on the beaches, almost until the morning many locals and thousands of tourists from Europe walk around, who decided to say goodbye to the outgoing year on the western end of the continent. Municipalities are specially prepared – they spare no money on decorations and entertainment. Hours from ten in the evening concerts and various events begin.

But tourists who are not familiar with local customs often remain dissatisfied: they complain about shops that are closing early, museums that do not work on holidays, and the inability to get to the chosen restaurant. In order not to be in a similar situation, prepare for the trip.

How to prepare for the night
Rumor has it that the Portuguese put on blue underwear to lure luck, red to meet love, yellow to improve their financial situation. But no one confirmed or denied this. Dress code does not exist – you can dress as you like.

Tables for a gala dinner in restaurants and cafes are recommended to be booked for a month or two. The festive menu is designed for all tastes. Vegetarians are also remembered.

Where to go on New Year’s Eve in Lisbon
In the capital, the epicenter of the festivities falls on Commerce Square and Park of Nations. Fun in Belem. Crowded in Camoes Square. The beaches of Cascais and Oeiras are always sold out. Estoril is especially beautiful, where the charm of the ocean is emphasized by the masterfully arranged illumination. Daredevils rush into the winter waves, but law enforcement officers suppress such frenzy, because the ocean is insidious.

How to behave
Enjoy life and make noise. About 100 years ago, they rattled kitchen utensils to drive away evil spirits. From there and tradition. However, it is inconvenient to walk with pot lids and pots, so you can whistle, whine, knock, whatever you can.

Most of them wait for the festive salute, then move to night clubs. Someone has been sitting in restaurants since the evening.

Those who didn’t fall into the cozy halls of restaurants, but who were keen to raise a glass, settled down with champagne on the embankments, fortunately, in Portugal there is no ban on drinking strong drinks on the streets.

About the oddities: What do the Portuguese chew for the chimes and why do they watch their feet?
Do not be surprised if you see how others are chewing something quickly and concentrated under the watch at the turn of the clock. They pay tribute to tradition by eating 12 raisins, with each of which a wish is made.

Another oddity is that others freeze in the last seconds of the year and begin a new phase of life, striding from the right foot.

Portuguese New Year’s Eve Dinner
Everything is clear with the New Year’s night, but in order not to wander along the empty streets on other days of vacation, bumping into the “Closed” signs, you need to collect information in advance. It is advisable to learn useful phrases in Portuguese. Deal with transport routes. Take care of travel cards. Or you can do it easier – buy a tour to Portugal from the tour operator “Lusitana Sol” and forget about organizational matters.

Which tour to choose:
with an air flight from Moscow or buy tickets yourself;
with excursions or with a large number of free days;
on the continent, Madeira or through Lisbon, go to the Cape Verde Islands, where the summer does not end, the beaches are huge, and the ocean is friendly.

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