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Surf Camp in Ericeira, Portugal

Ericeira is a world-class surf spot with a variety of quality spots.
Certified instructors will teach you how to surf. We are always scrupulous in choosing a school – you can safely trust us.

Classes for beginners and continuing. Duration + – 2 hours. Maximum 6 students per instructor and personal feedback. For the duration of the training, you will be provided with boards and wetsuits. We will also have two theoretical lectures and training on the ground.

You have two options to choose from:

1. At the campsite. We will live in tents among the trees. 500 meters from the ocean and a stone’s throw from the school with all the amenities in a guarded camp: showers, toilets, electricity in a tent, first-aid post, cafe, pizzeria and minimarket. Ideal for harmonizing with nature and evening gatherings with friends.

You need to bring a tent, a karemat and a sleeping bag (rent or your own). Or you can buy the kit from us (decathlon € 70), and we will deliver it to the location and install it at your arrival.

2. Private or dorm rooms in a large villa with its own huge garden, tennis court, pool, BBQ zone, full kitchen, WiFi, breakfast, as well as a bar with snacks, drinks and a large TV, which we will use for lazy movie sticks. In addition, from the clearing in front of the house offers an awesome sunset view for special evenings with a glass of green wine.

If you want maximum comfort – for example, with a jacuzzi, dancing poodles and massage from Asian women – write your wishes in the comments to the application, and we will try to implement them.

Where do we live?
In the beautiful little village of Ericeira, 50 km from Lisbon. There are many spots there, suitable for both beginners and advanced surfers.

One of the main attractions of the region is the cuisine, which is dominated by “seafood.” You should definitely try fresh grilled fish. And other marine life here are also very popular, especially lobsters – they are specially bred in marine nurseries.

For lovers of skate parks, there is a great place near the Boardriders surf shop with a large pool and figures for both experienced and beginners (scroll through the photo below).

Season and weather
The season for beginners here lasts from spring to autumn, and experienced surfers will prefer any months, even winter ones.

On average, the air temperature is about 22-28 degrees, water – 16-19 degrees. Surfing in wetsuits is comfortable, but without sunscreen you can burn in a matter of minutes.

Between conquering the waves, dancing in bars, barbecue parties, sunset meetings and trips to nearby cities: Lisbon or Sintra await you.

Are you traveling with a child?
In Ericeira, we have a whole squad of Mary Poppins, who will take care of the leisure of children and give you the opportunity to surf / hang out and even drink wine at sunset. Daycare-center for children under 4 years old is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. The center is occupied by children who speak different languages, from different cultures and the most diverse religious beliefs. You can also order babysitting services at home from Monday to Friday after 7 pm and throughout the day on weekends and Portuguese holidays.

Trip duration
Our tour will last 2 weeks. This is the best period. But if this time is not enough for you, or for some reason you need to leave earlier, just indicate this in the comments, filling out an application for a trip.

Flight, transfer and visa
You need to book a flight and get a visa (if you have an old-style passport) yourself. If difficulties arise, we will be happy to advise you on all issues.

Many airlines fly to Lisbon, including there are direct ones (for example, WizzAir for departure from Kiev). At the time of the announcement, average flight prices were around € 300. It’s better to choose the convenience of transfer / price ratio. To search for hidden / cheap flights, we recommend using our favorite Kiwi service.

Be careful with flights through London! If you decide to fly with different airlines, you must first determine whether they are in the same transit zone. If you have checked baggage, you will have to go behind it through passport control (with different airlines), and without a UK visa this will not work.

When buying flights, you need to consider the schedule of our bus. The bus leaves from the airport to the camp on August 24th at 23:30. If the dates / time of the flight do not coincide with the schedule of our bus, we will tell you how to get to the camp yourself or arrange another transfer.

Fell in love with surfing in Portugal and since then is in constant search of ideal waves in different parts of the world.

It is distinguished by its special endurance in the context of parties and alcohol, which greatly simplifies the life of the less enduring – it will bring you home, put to bed and cover with a blanket.

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