Portuguese charm
Portuguese cuisine The traditional dishes of Portugal are not well known to residents of other countries, because even in Western Europe, Portuguese restaurants are not numerous and are found mainly…

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In Portugal, I felt like a "savage"
Finally, we moved south, towards our main goal - a house near Lagos, a town in the main resort region of the country - Alagarve. As soon as we left…

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7 reasons to consider Lisbon the coolest capital of Europe
The capital of Portugal is not inferior to other magnificent cities in Europe. For some reason, completely undeservedly, tourists bypass this city. Lisbon can be considered one of the pearls…

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Portugal, holidays and tours to Portugal

A rich history elevates Portugal to a high pedestal, because this means that tourists will have interesting excursions to historical places, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, Portugal has unspoiled nature, olive groves, spiky fields, vineyards and picturesque hills.

It is often said that Portugal is not like any other European country. And there is not a bit of exaggeration in this. Portugal retains the charm of innocence and at the same time its tourist areas represent a real fairy tale – first-class service and luxury hotels were appreciated by tourists. Portugal is silence and modernity, harmoniously woven together. The Portuguese coasts are similar to the coasts of a desert island and at the same time there are so many happy holidaymakers. Where else will you find such a rare combination of opposites?

Recommended Activities
Holidays for the elderly
Vacation with friends

Geographic location

The state is located in southwestern Europe and occupies a smaller part of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as the island of Madeira and the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean. It borders with Spain (in the east). From the west and south it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean.


The climate is mild with mild, warm winters and slightly hot summers. But in the north of the country the weather is slightly different – the marine climate prevails here, and in the south – warm and dry.

since 2002, the euro has been introduced in Portugal, which is divided into 100 euro cents. In circulation are banknotes in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros, as well as coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents. Money can be exchanged at the airport, banks, hotels. many places accept credit cards and checks from leading money systems.

Languages ​​Used

Portuguese – state.

Others are English, French, and Spanish. Thanks to the large Russian and Ukrainian diaspora, the Portuguese understand Russian.

National and religious holidays
Tourist areas

The capital of the country – not so long ago completely forgotten and neglected, today is once again experiencing a heyday. Located on seven hills, Lisbon is a picturesque picture: placers of modern and ancient buildings, colorful vegetation and happy people moving in the lifts and watching all this charm with my own eyes.

Enjoy the incredible scenery and admire Lisbon in all its glory. Castles, old wooden trams, cafes, restaurants and the stunning blue sea.


This province is located in the very south of Portugal. Tourists coming from Europe sing praises to the pristine beaches and the most beautiful views of the Algarve resorts. Any person, young or old, will find here entertainment to their liking. Water parks, night clubs, fascinating excursions to museums and historical monuments (the fortress wall, Romanesque-Gothic cathedral, the Assumption Monastery of the Virgin Mary) and, of course, magnificent beaches – this is what gives you a rest in the Algarve.

about. Madeira

Since the beginning of the century before last, this island has been considered a place of elite, aristocratic relaxation. Still would! In Russian, the word “Madeira” sounds like “forest”, which is more than justified by the flowering territory, numerous palm trees, subtropical plants. In addition, the purest water of the ocean nails to the luxurious land of the island, and the mild climate does not give reason to be upset – neither heat nor coolness will bother you. In the temperature sense, the very “golden mean” is sustained here.

Madeira, like 2 centuries ago, continues to be the most popular resort where connoisseurs of great relaxation come together.


It is the second largest city in Portugal. You probably saw the consonance in the name “Porto” with the name of the whole country. Indeed, it was this city that gave the name to all of Portugal. And then captured the hearts of locals and tourists. Magnificent views, represented by thick scattered buildings on the coast, amazing nature and well-groomed streets create an unusually romantic atmosphere in the city.


A small town is located on the banks of the Naban River and is one big attraction. Romantic streets, intertwined among lovely buildings and all kinds of attractions (the church of São João Baptista, one of the oldest synagogues in Portugal, which today serves as the Jewish Museum) – Tomar is a picture of a real European city. But its main attraction is the castle-monastery, combining several styles.


If you like a really good beach holiday, you are here! Taking the gentle rays of the sun on the Estoril coast with all the necessary accessories is a real pleasure.

Monastery of the Order of Christ

The architecture of the monastery is a fusion of several styles. The most significant is the construction of the XII century, which is an ideal symmetry.

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Portugal - a green fairy tale on the edge of the earth
Portugal or the Portuguese Republic occupies the most western bridgehead of continental Europe in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. It is there that the Land's End is located…


Portugal - a green fairy tale on the edge of the earth
Portugal or the Portuguese Republic occupies the most western bridgehead of continental Europe in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. It is there that the Land's End is located…


The whole truth about the climate of Portugal
The encyclopedias indicate that continental Portugal (do not forget about Madeira and the Azores) is located in a subtropical climate zone. However, this information does not give an unambiguous answer…