Holidays in Portugal - an alternative to closed destinations
No matter what happens in the world, sitting at home behind closed doors is not an option for young, active, positive-minded people. They want to discover new places, meet interesting…

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Portugal - a country of unforgettable experiences
You can experience a real sense of envy for those people who are traveling for the first time to the country of snow-white buildings, excellent ocean beaches and the best…

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Porto is the northern capital of Portugal. A special city with a unique atmosphere and amazing architecture. Walk through the streets of the old city, see all the most unusual…

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Thermal Resorts of Portugal

In Portugal, there are dozens of thermal springs, on the basis of many of which modern balneological complexes for the prevention and treatment of various diseases have been erected.

A Brief History of the Portuguese Thermal Resorts Many of the mineral springs in what is now Portugal were known several thousand years ago. Since the reign of ancient Rome, some of them have been used for rest, recovery, healing. People appreciated the power of miraculous keys and tried to use it for good. The first buildings were Roman baths, where the main procedure was swimming in the pools with hot water.

Over time, most of the terms collapsed. Only local residents enjoyed the benefits granted by nature itself. In place of several Roman buildings, modern hospitals were erected with the ability to take healing baths.

From the end of the 18th – beginning of the 19th centuries, due to the attention shown by the kings, spa complexes were built at many sources, where they offered to undergo a course of treatment with “hot waters” and did a massage.

In the XX century, more people began to come to the waters. Interest in the thermal springs of Portugal is growing year by year, so more and more comfortable SPA complexes with a wide selection of preventive and therapeutic procedures were built.

Before choosing a thermal spa, you should carefully study the information and consult with specialists. Employees of the company “Lusitana Sol” will help you choose the best thermal resort for your testimony, book a hotel, buy a ticket and help with obtaining a visa to Portugal.

General recommendations:
Follow local laws, adhere to traditional codes of conduct, and respect cultural and religious traditions. Be careful when traveling, do not take risks, keep an eye on your luggage, and do not trust documents and personal belongings to random people. Do not take values ​​on the beaches, we recommend that you leave them in the hotel safes. Make photocopies or photos of the main pages of all important documents (with passport details, visa, medical insurance). If documents are lost, it will be easier to recover them. Read the insurance terms in advance.

Documents required for traveling to Portugal:
passport with a valid Schengen visa;
air ticket and boarding pass with self-online check-in for the flight;
medical insurance for the entire stay abroad;
national driver’s license and an international driver’s license, issued in the traffic police of the Russian Federation (for car rental);
birth certificate of a child traveling with both parents;
power of attorney to take the child abroad, if he is accompanied only by one of the parents or other relatives.
When to arrive at the airport:
Check-in for flights to Portugal starts in 2–2.5 hours and ends 40 minutes before departure. If you bought your tickets yourself, you can go through the online check-in at home or through special terminals at the airport. Read the terms on the website of the carrier.

If you decide to take money in cash, then note that if the total amount (in any currency) in terms of the official Central Bank rate exceeds 10,000 €, then you will have to fill out a declaration. Remember that, like everywhere else, prohibited and dangerous things, including drugs, weapons, explosives, cannot be brought into Portugal. Without paying a fee, you can import 200 cigarettes, 2 liters of wine and 1 liter of spirits.

For all tours we provide transfers (group and individual). The bus expects to park approximately 90 minutes after the flight lands. If you have any problems and do not have time for a transfer, then contact a company representative.

Continental Portugal and Madeira Island are in the same time zone, which is 4 hours behind Moscow time from November to March, and 3 three hours from April to October. The Azores are located in the next time zone, therefore they are one hour behind the main Portuguese time, respectively, in winter from Moscow time – by 5 hours, in summer – by 4 hours.

The official language in the country is Portuguese. Two more languages ​​are also widely spoken – Spanish and English.

On the continent and islands, euro (€) is accepted. We recommend changing the currency in the Russian Federation. If you haven’t done this, then change at the airport, as at the exchange points and hotels they charge high commissions. All banks accept traveller’s checks and eurochecks. No problem, you can pay by credit cards of almost all systems.

Mobile connection:
the largest operator with a customer base of more than 7 million. The first numbers of phones are 96, 924, 925, 926, 927.

Vodafone –
famous British operator. In Portugal since 2000, since the Portuguese bought Telecel. The first digits of the numbers are 91.

NOS (formerly called Optimus) –
less common. Numbers start from 93.

Standard SIM card of all operators costs 9.9 €. All or part of the amount is credited to the account. Micro-sim and nano-sim sell for about 15 €.

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