One of the most beautiful Portuguese cities
City Museum of Evora (Altu Alentejo Province, 130 km from Lisbon) Xieu Cathedral in Evora One of the most beautiful Portuguese cities, which in fact is a tourist attraction in…

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Cascais, Portugal - A Guide to Landmarks and Landmarks
The charming fishing town of Cascais is located in the western part of the marvelous coast of Lisbon. This is a historic and prosperous city with magnificent buildings, carefully maintained…

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Last-minute tours to Portugal at any time of the year
There is an opinion that only those who want to save on travel are interested in last-minute tours. But is it really so? To find out, we conducted a survey…

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Portugal and a healthy lifestyle

Not everyone is aware that the Portuguese are reverent about their health. For example, according to the National Institute of Statistics of Portugal, more than 51% of the country’s population consumes an average of 1.8 servings of vegetables and salads daily. As in many other countries of the world, women think more about creating a healthy menu – at least 60.7% of Portuguese. And among men – only 48.8%. Most often, fruits and vegetables are chosen by people who have reached 55 years of age – 60.8%. Young people are lagging behind – only 37.5% of young people aged 15 to 24 eat fresh salads daily.

Caring for food is important, but do not forget about active activities. In Portugal, this issue is taken seriously. Even there is a whole city leading an active lifestyle – this is Leiria. They call it that – a city of sports and a healthy lifestyle. In terms of quality of life, he takes second place in Portugal, and Lisbon – only in third. In Leiria, from early morning to late evening you can meet a runner or see how a whole group is engaged. Cultural and sports events are regularly held there, which is well known far beyond the borders of the state.

Want to make a difference? Take care of proper nutrition
When preparing tours, our company selects only trustworthy restaurants where dishes are prepared exclusively from high-quality products. According to our customer reviews, they like the food we provide on tours. At the same time, we take into account individual wishes, including agreeing in advance with restaurants on the preparation of vegetarian dishes. Just do not forget to tell us about it. Without exception, all the hotels we offer our clients serve buffet breakfast daily, so that guests have the opportunity to choose their favorite dishes.

Hotel restaurants prepare a variety of vegetables and offer ripe seasonal fruits. If you want to keep yourself in good shape during the tours, then we will specially select a hotel with gyms, a swimming pool and spa services for you. We have agreements with similar hotels throughout continental Portugal and on the island of Madeira.

Four years ago, virtuoso confectioners from the Portuguese town of Barcelos made a revolution in the traditions of the country. They first prepared the famous royal pie Bolo Rei, adding an unusual ingredient – white chocolate. And it was not just some beautiful sprinkling, but a complete addition of a quality product. As a result, the traditional pie acquired a delicate taste and delicate aroma.

Secrets of making Christmas cake for our customers
Employees of the tour operator “Lusitana Sol” specifically sought out the secret recipe for Bolu Rey and on the eve of the New Year 2017 they are putting it out for everyone who wants to enjoy the Portuguese dessert, which is usually prepared for Christmas and the “Day of the Kings” on January 6th. Everyone can handle it!

You will need:
750 g flour
bag (30 g) of dry yeast,
2-3 tsp sugar to initiate yeast,
500 ml of milk
3 eggs,
Ingredients for Portuguese Christmas Pie 100 g butter,
250 g of white chocolate,
150 g of your favorite candied fruit (you can take dried skins from tangerines or oranges to create a New Year’s mood),
100-150 g of any nuts (better than walnuts), zest of one lemon or orange,
100 ml of port, rum, cognac, champagne (optional),
1 tsp salt
1 egg or 2 yolks to grease the cake.
Cooking Tricks in Detail
Portuguese Christmas cake baking technology Stir the yeast with a cup of flour, half the milk and sugar. Let the dough stand under a lid or towel for about 15 minutes.

At this time, beat sugar successively with melted and slightly cooled butter, eggs, remaining milk, zest and salt. At the end, pour in a thin stream of port or other wine. Add the remaining flour.

By this time, the first batter will do. Mix it with the second part, give your hands the shape of a thick sausage and flatten it a little. Let lie down a bit.

Set aside the most beautiful nuts and candied fruits for decoration. Grind the rest, mix and add half the white chocolate, crushed into small pieces. Put on a strip of dough and wrap the dough in the form of sausage, while a colorful mosaic of candied fruit, nuts and chocolate will hide inside. Shape the bagel. Put on a greased baking sheet. Insert a tin or silicone jar in the center to maintain shape.

Portuguese Christmas cake Generously decorate the surface with candied fruits and nuts. Lubricate with a beaten egg (only possible with yolks). Leave to lie down until the workpiece is approximately doubled in volume. It may take from half an hour to an hour. The warmer the room, the faster the dough will do.

Then bake the roll in the oven at 180º C for about an hour. Readiness can be checked with a dry match, but do not submerge it to the filling, where melted chocolate.

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