Why Portugal is not for everyone
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Mafra Palace
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Sights of Portugal
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Holidays in Portugal – an alternative to closed destinations

No matter what happens in the world, sitting at home behind closed doors is not an option for young, active, positive-minded people. They want to discover new places, meet interesting people, learn about other cultures, and relax comfortably from everyday routine. A great solution is to pack your suitcase, buy a ticket and go on a trip. For a month, week or weekend. Therefore, planes continue to fly, hotels are not empty, and close to the sights, the camera shutters are clicked daily, delighted exclamations are heard and magnets are sold.

Traveling alone, with a loved one, family, with friends. But, unfortunately, according to the Federal State Statistics Service for 2015, the number of Russian citizens traveling abroad for tourism purposes decreased by 31% compared to the previous year.

Experts note the reasons for what happened:
– a sharp increase in the euro against the ruble;
– a ban on tourists from Russia visiting Egypt after the tragedy of October 31;
– deterioration in relations between the Russian Federation and Turkey after November 24.

Why the proposed vacation options in Russia and abroad do not suit
Agencies hastened to find alternative destinations for recreation. Many of them offer tours of Russian cities, but compatriots with current passports have not ceased to be interested in foreign trips.

Asian destinations do not attract those who successfully received a Schengen visa for 2-3 years, so they want to use it to the maximum.

Crimea does not seem to everyone to be a good substitute for holidays abroad, because the tourism infrastructure of the territories connected to the Russian Federation requires significant financial investments and, according to most indicators, does not withstand criticism.

What to do for those who have a passport, a Schengen visa and dream of a comfortable and safe vacation abroad
Holidays in Portugal You can philosophize, longing to study the globe, wondering where it would be safe to go. And you can look at the western edge of Europe, recall Portugal, a powerful power that found new lands during the era of the Great Geographical Discoveries. Over time, the position of Portugal on the world stage has changed: it has lost power, but this does not plead with its merits. Foreign visitors are interested in its stunning imagination story, and the artifacts preserved on its territory leave no one indifferent.

Holidays in Portugal annually attract foreigners from all over the world:
– they offer inexpensive and fashionable hotels;
– restaurants for every taste;
– huge well-kept beaches with silk sand on the Atlantic coast;
– carefully thought-out transport infrastructure;
– hiking trails in nature reserves;
– Ready-made tours of Lisbon, Port, and the province;
– Modern shopping centers, where all the famous world brands are represented.

In reviews of holidays in Portugal, the hospitality of the Portuguese, a friendly attitude to Russian travelers are noted. Everyone is delighted with the local cuisine. They complain only about being overweight after delicious meals with traditional bakalyau and delicious Belem cakes, which you can eat without stopping. By the way, the problem of excess weight is easily solved – you can go diving, surfing, golf, go on an exciting sea fishing or visit spa centers in four-star or five-star hotels.

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