Portugal - a green fairy tale on the edge of the earth
Portugal or the Portuguese Republic occupies the most western bridgehead of continental Europe in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. It is there that the Land's End is located…

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We are going to Portugal
It all started three years ago with a picture on Pinterest. I set up a “to visit” board there and with the thought “dreaming is not harmful” added a magical…

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One of the most beautiful Portuguese cities
City Museum of Evora (Altu Alentejo Province, 130 km from Lisbon) Xieu Cathedral in Evora One of the most beautiful Portuguese cities, which in fact is a tourist attraction in…

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When going on a tour of Portugal

When going on a tour of Portugal, remember that you need not only to buy a ticket and pay for hotel accommodation, but also need to arm yourself with useful information about the country. Otherwise, you may have difficulties at the most inopportune moment. For example, when passing customs, currency exchange, paying for purchases in a store and cafe.

We publish information that will not be superfluous for a traveler in the territory of Portugal.

To enter Portugal, you need a Schengen visa. You can order a Portuguese Schengen visa on your own or with our help. Any other Schengen multi-visa is also suitable, but remember that the first entry must be in the country for which it was ordered. That is, if you received a Finnish Schengen visa, then do not forget to visit Finland first before traveling to Portugal. And if a Spanish visa, then in Spain.

Medical insurance policy
You must have a medical insurance policy with you. At any time during customs, you may be asked to present it. In any case, medical care for foreigners in Portugal is expensive, so if necessary, medical insurance can help you save a lot. Must be insured every day trip.

Portuguese Customs
Upon entry
In Portugal, the standard rules for EU countries apply. When importing currency, you should know that from June 15, 2007, according to EU regulation No. 1889/2005, you need to declare a currency of more than 10 thousand euros. At the same time, not only the euro itself, but also other types of currencies, which, when converted at the exchange rate, in total exceed 10 thousand euros. On plastic cards, you can “carry” any amount.

You can import into the country a couple of skis, 2 tennis rackets, a set of fishing gear, a pair of sports rifles for hunting and 100 rounds of ammunition for each of them duty free. You can import one radio, binoculars, a compact TV.

Residents of countries that do not belong to the EU can import 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams without duties. tobacco. No more than 0.5 kg of coffee beans can be imported, up to 1 liter of spirits, up to 2 liters of wine, up to 0.05 liters of perfume and up to 0.25 liters of toilet water. These quotas also include goods that you bought in duty-free shops. The cost of souvenirs in total should not exceed 600 euros.

Naturally, as elsewhere, the import of drugs is prohibited.

Upon departure
Many foreigners are ready to export wine from Portugal in liters, while there are really no restrictions on export. However, remember that upon entering Russia you cannot import more than 3 liters of wine without paying a fee. Another 2 liters can be imported by paying a fee. But all that over 5 liters will no longer be considered as “for your own use”, therefore it will be confiscated (and even the fine will be taken from smugglers).

Large quantities of wine can be imported as goods, but this information is not for tourists. Therefore, having heard in stores that there are no restrictions on the export of wine from Portugal, do not rejoice ahead of time, anticipating that you will treat guests and gifts of relatives, colleagues, superiors, friends and neighbors with inexpensive, but high-quality wine for a long, long time. Will not work. Russian customs are on the alert.

Tax Free in Portugal VAT Refund
When buying goods in Portugal in stores that have a Tax free sign (tax-free, literally – no fees), you can return VAT when leaving the EU zone. The purchase amount must be at least 60.35 euros. In the store, you must definitely say that you are going to return the tax so that you receive a check. On this check at the customs, when you leave the EU area, you must put the seal of customs. Customs seal is valid for 90 days. The Global Blue check is valid for 5 months from the date of purchase.

You can immediately receive cash in cash at a Cash Free Refund. It is close to Duty Free shops.

Another option for VAT refunds is to seal the documents in a Tax Free envelope (there should be a customs mark there!) And drop them in a tax-free box. Then the money will be transferred to a credit card, the number of which is indicated in the documents.

There is a third option (for those who did not manage to receive cash or the point of issue was closed, as well as for those who did not find a tax-free box) – money can be obtained from an authorized bank of Russia. Returning home, you must contact the bank with all the documents. We need: a Russian passport, a passport, a tax-free check with customs stamp, a copy of it, a check from the store. The bank will charge a fee of approximately 2.5 euros for each check.

Attention! Documents for returning Tax Free for goods that you will carry in your luggage and hand luggage are issued differently. You can get information from your guide in Portugal in a timely manner to avoid the hassle at the airport.

Country language
In Portugal, the official language is Portuguese. But knowledgeable English and Spanish can also be quite freely explained.

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