Portuguese surprise foreign tourists
10 interesting facts about Portugal: the country has been officially recognized for many centuries by the End of the World; For a long time, neighboring states repeatedly encroached on Portuguese…

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We are going to Portugal
It all started three years ago with a picture on Pinterest. I set up a “to visit” board there and with the thought “dreaming is not harmful” added a magical…

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Sights of Portugal
A small country is located on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula, which today has become one of the most visited in Europe. This is Portugal - a country…

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Last-minute tours to Portugal at any time of the year

There is an opinion that only those who want to save on travel are interested in last-minute tours. But is it really so? To find out, we conducted a survey of our customers, asking them 3 questions. As a result, you found out that discounted tours that go on sale a few days before the trip get different categories of tourists. Among them there are limited budget students and financially well-off businessmen, youth and pensioners, family people and those who prefer to relax one at a time.

We share with you information about our survey by submitting questions and the most common answers.

Question: Why did you buy a last-minute ticket to Portugal?

The most common answers:

1. Favorably priced.

2. Suddenly, several days of rest fell out.

3. The trip to another country was canceled (the reasons are different).

4. I wanted to change the situation.

5. I could not pass by such an attractive offer.

6. I find it difficult to plan a trip in advance, so I always buy a tour 2-4 days before departure.

7. I was persuaded to go for the company.

Question: Why did you decide to go to Portugal?

The most common answers:

1. I haven’t been there before, but met a lot of good reviews.

2. Already been in this country, but could not miss such a good chance to go again.

3. Advised by friends (relatives, colleagues) who were already resting there.

Question: Why did you buy a tour at Lusitana Sol?

The most common answers:

1. I liked the program and conditions of accommodation in hotels.

2. Advised by friends (relatives, colleagues) who have already used your services.

3. Large selection by catalog and the ability to order an individual program.

It turns out that last-minute tours to Portugal are interesting not only for those who want to save during the trip. Follow the special section of our catalog and you will surely come across an attractive offer. However, remember that when selecting a last-minute tour you must have a valid passport and a Schengen visa. All other questions will be solved by our employees.

A study was commissioned by the state agency Turismo de Portugal to determine the percentage of different categories of tourists coming to rest in Portugal. Among the respondents were tourists from the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Holland and Brazil.

Estimates showed that 54% of the total number of foreign guests in Portugal are young couples. At the same time, 47% of their number come with their friends. It is these 47% of vacationers who choose more expensive hotel rooms to stay in order to relax in comfortable conditions.

How do foreign youth relax in Portugal
In addition to passive beach holidays in Portugal, approximately half of young couples follow a rich excursion program around cities and ancient monuments. It is of great importance for them to visit famous sights, as well as search for interesting cultural and historical sites that have not yet gained wide popularity and therefore are far from well-trodden tourist routes.

Reviews about holidays in Portugal
Active youth seeks to share their impressions about holidays in Portugal, including leaving reviews in thematic blogs and Internet portals. As the analysis shows, most of the youth reviews about holidays in Portugal are positive.

After analyzing the answers of all respondents during the study, it was found that for almost 95% of them, holidays in Portugal not only corresponded, but also exceeded their expectations. Interestingly, similar results were obtained as a result of two previous surveys. In general, over the past few years, more than 90% of those who come to rest in Portugal are satisfied.

More than half of all respondents, speaking about holidays in different cities of Portugal, chose the wording “beyond praise”. Safety, hotels and food were “excellent” rated by more than 90% of foreign tourists from among the respondents. For all the foreigners who first visited Portugal, architectural monuments, natural landscapes, and national cuisine became the main positive discoveries.

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