We are going to Portugal
It all started three years ago with a picture on Pinterest. I set up a “to visit” board there and with the thought “dreaming is not harmful” added a magical…

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Lisbon in Three Days - Recommended Route and Tour
Three days is enough to fully get acquainted with Lisbon. Within three days you can visit the main tourist attractions, plunge into the bright and colorful nightlife, taste delicious local…

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1. Bakalyau (translated from Portuguese - “cod”) - the main dish of the country. Cod in Portugal has long been popular (especially among the poor), so in the local cuisine…

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Portugal – a green fairy tale on the edge of the earth

Portugal or the Portuguese Republic occupies the most western bridgehead of continental Europe in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. It is there that the Land’s End is located – Cape Cabo de Roca.

Brief Encyclopedic Reference
The capital is Lisbon. It is the only one in Europe on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is among the countries of the Schengen agreement.

The state currency is the euro.

Territory and climate
From the south and west, the state is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and in the north and east the border with Spain passes.
Continental Portugal covers an area of ​​92.3 thousand square meters. km There are also island territories.
The territory is divided into 18 districts and 2 autonomous regions. Portugal also includes the Azores and the Madeira archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.
The temperate Mediterranean climate in most of Portugal is surprisingly good for humans. The westernmost point of continental Europe is directly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean; therefore, even in January, the average temperature is around 5–10 ° C, and in July it does not exceed 20–27 ° C. The northern part of Portugal is mountains, and the central and southern parts are located on the Portuguese lowlands, where low mountains and hills prevail.
Foreign tourists are amazed at the rich flora and fauna of Portugal. Virgin nature appears in all its glory – huge forests, where pine prevails and Portuguese, stone and cork oaks are found.

This is the land of migratory birds. And the species of marine life is still not precisely calculated. The animal world of Portugal is a colorful mix of animals familiar to us and representatives of the African fauna.

The population is just over 10 million. Moreover, more foreign tourists come annually.

Mostly speak Portuguese.

The main religion is Catholicism.

Portugal is a sea power, so the population was fishing and merchant shipping, as well as piracy.

The most important thing about the history of the country
The history of Portugal is usually counted from the XII century, when the state became sovereign in the course of the armed conflict between son and mother. An epochal battle took place in the town of Guimaraes, which has since been called the Cradle of the nation. In the chronicles you can read about numerous wars and revolutions.

Thanks to the far-sighted rulers and courageous seafarers, overseas colonies have appeared since the 15th century, and great geographical discoveries have been made, as a result of which more than 200 million people in the world now speak Portuguese, including in Eurasia, Africa and South America.

In modern Portugal, tourist infrastructure is well developed, so travelers from all over the world spend their time with pleasure, getting acquainted with medieval sights, the original culture of the Portuguese people or basking on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

This is not the first year that the tour operator Lusitana Sol has been organizing cruises in Portugal and Spain, which are accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide. Since 2011, a new tour in Portugal has been launched, including a cruise on the Douro River. The eight-day tour starts and ends in Lisbon, and the water part of the trip takes four days.

Tourists get acquainted with the capital of Portugal and its environs, including the fabulous Sintra and Cape Roca. Then the journey continues in the northern capital of the state – the famous city of Porto, where the cruise on a comfortable liner begins. Travelers visit the famous wine cellars, where you can not only try port, but also buy it. On board a comfortable vessel there are cabins of various categories, full board is offered.

During a cruise on the Douro River, tourists get acquainted with the amazing sights of the region, enjoy beautiful natural views, every day try new masterpieces of culinary art, delicious wines accompanied by Portuguese music.

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