Portugal and a healthy lifestyle
Not everyone is aware that the Portuguese are reverent about their health. For example, according to the National Institute of Statistics of Portugal, more than 51% of the country's population…

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1. Bakalyau (translated from Portuguese - “cod”) - the main dish of the country. Cod in Portugal has long been popular (especially among the poor), so in the local cuisine…

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Traveling to the wine attractions of Portugal
Oceanarium (Lisbon) Lisbon Oceanarium in the Park of Nations The coastal country of Portugal throughout its history is closely connected with the sea, so if you are interested in the…

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artisans were involved

Portugal. The best beaches and a thousand startups a year

I decided not to write the pros and cons in the expanded version. All this is very subjective, so everyone decides for himself.

I came to Portugal on a study visa at the University of the Algarve (Universidade de Algarve).
Algarve is a region in the south of Portugal, where there are many tourists, beaches, hotels, etc.
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Algarve coast: vacation in Portugal for lovers of the ocean

One of the novelties of the spring / summer 2019 season was the flight program from Kiev to Faro, Algarve region, Portugal. So, it’s time to get acquainted with the resorts and choose your tour to Portugal!

History and Geography
The city of Faro (Faro) is the center of the southernmost part of Portugal – the province of the Algarve. This is a seaport and air gate for all resorts located on the coast. The resort is small, no more than 70 thousand people live here permanently. Not all tourists stop in Faro, many continue on their way to other resort towns in the Algarve, for example, Lagos, Vilamoura, Albufeira.

The Algarve region is isolated and unlike the rest of Portugal – historically, and due to the fact that it is separated from it by the ridges of Serra de Monchique and Serra de Serra do Caldeiran, and on the other hand rests against the Atlantic Ocean. Result: a beautiful coast with a length of 155 kilometers with beaches with yellow sand, grottoes, bays and mountain spurs. Continue reading

Buddhist park. Characters

Portugal. Buddhist park. Characters
When choosing tours and excursions in Portugal, you should pay attention to the Buddhist park, which was recently created. During a walk in the park, tourists have many questions that can be answered by a Russian-speaking guide. In ancient times, in the East, they attached great importance to the architectural elements of buildings, giving each detail its own meaning.

Why are some red sculptures around some of the sculptures?
Pillars of red color represent fire, which paves the way to heaven through cleansing. If the sculpture is surrounded by red pillars, then the character that it symbolizes has reached the true purity of the upper world, is close to the gods or is himself a god.

Why erected multi-tiered roofs?
The multi-tiered roofs of eastern buildings evoke the constant admiration of modern people. You can peer for a long time at the soft and at the same time strict lines that gradually divert your gaze from solid earth into the vast sky, where the divine power is concentrated. Continue reading

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New Year in Portugal - what to prepare for a tourist
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Buddhist park. Buddhas and other sculptures
Buddha In Sanskrit, the word “buddha” is literally translated - “awakened”. This is the name of people and other intelligent beings who have attained enlightenment (bodhi). Among them is the…