We are going to Portugal
It all started three years ago with a picture on Pinterest. I set up a “to visit” board there and with the thought “dreaming is not harmful” added a magical…

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Thermal Resorts of Portugal
In Portugal, there are dozens of thermal springs, on the basis of many of which modern balneological complexes for the prevention and treatment of various diseases have been erected. A…

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Buddhist park. Terracotta Army
The Terracotta Army, which was discovered in March 1974 during the construction of an irrigation system near Mount Lishan in China, was recreated in Buddha Park in Portugal. The amazing…

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Holidays in Portugal: what a tourist needs to know

Recently, more tourists come to Portugal to relax than in previous years. The high interest in the country located on the westernmost edge of Europe is explained by a number of reasons:

cheap summer holidays in Egypt and Turkey became dangerous;
in Portugal, a country with a rich history, a myriad of cultural attractions is concentrated, acquaintance with which helps to expand horizons and get vivid impressions;
foreign guests can get acquainted not only with architectural monuments, but also explore interesting natural sites, including walking along specially created Madeira hiking trails;
Tours in Portugal include wine and cheese tastings with the opportunity to buy delicacies at discounted prices;
rest is calm, comfortable, but not boring.
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Holidays in Portugal – an alternative to closed destinations

No matter what happens in the world, sitting at home behind closed doors is not an option for young, active, positive-minded people. They want to discover new places, meet interesting people, learn about other cultures, and relax comfortably from everyday routine. A great solution is to pack your suitcase, buy a ticket and go on a trip. For a month, week or weekend. Therefore, planes continue to fly, hotels are not empty, and close to the sights, the camera shutters are clicked daily, delighted exclamations are heard and magnets are sold.

Traveling alone, with a loved one, family, with friends. But, unfortunately, according to the Federal State Statistics Service for 2015, the number of Russian citizens traveling abroad for tourism purposes decreased by 31% compared to the previous year.

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Portugal and a healthy lifestyle

Not everyone is aware that the Portuguese are reverent about their health. For example, according to the National Institute of Statistics of Portugal, more than 51% of the country’s population consumes an average of 1.8 servings of vegetables and salads daily. As in many other countries of the world, women think more about creating a healthy menu – at least 60.7% of Portuguese. And among men – only 48.8%. Most often, fruits and vegetables are chosen by people who have reached 55 years of age – 60.8%. Young people are lagging behind – only 37.5% of young people aged 15 to 24 eat fresh salads daily.

Caring for food is important, but do not forget about active activities. In Portugal, this issue is taken seriously. Even there is a whole city leading an active lifestyle – this is Leiria. They call it that – a city of sports and a healthy lifestyle. In terms of quality of life, he takes second place in Portugal, and Lisbon – only in third. In Leiria, from early morning to late evening you can meet a runner or see how a whole group is engaged. Cultural and sports events are regularly held there, which is well known far beyond the borders of the state. Continue reading

Portuguese surprise foreign tourists
10 interesting facts about Portugal: the country has been officially recognized for many centuries by the End of the World; For a long time, neighboring states repeatedly encroached on Portuguese…


Nazare, Portugal: Surfing, Beaches, Fishing and Paste
Somewhere halfway between the capital of Portugal, Lisbon and the beautiful Porto, a small fishing village, Nazare, sheltered. And perhaps this place would have gone unnoticed if it were not…


Things to do at Christmas in Lisbon and the surrounding area
Every year in the capital of Portugal more and more Christmas and New Year events are held, including fairs, concerts, enchanting shows for children and adults. The end of 2019…


The whole truth about the climate of Portugal
The encyclopedias indicate that continental Portugal (do not forget about Madeira and the Azores) is located in a subtropical climate zone. However, this information does not give an unambiguous answer…