What to do in Cascais
Cascais is one of the most popular cities for day trips from Lisbon. It has many historical monuments, attractions and interesting museums. Cascais is just a short train ride from…

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Car trip in Portugal
Much of what many are looking for overseas is located in Europe. Car trip through the southernmost region of Portugal - the Algarve. The most beautiful beaches of the Algarve,…

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Surf Camp in Ericeira, Portugal
Ericeira is a world-class surf spot with a variety of quality spots. Certified instructors will teach you how to surf. We are always scrupulous in choosing a school - you…

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New Year in Portugal – what to prepare for a tourist

Portugal, secluded on the edge of Europe, is reluctant to share secrets. You need to come yourself to understand how everything works. The Council applies to the celebration of the New Year.

Features of the Portuguese New Year
The main festivals are traditionally organized by the Portuguese for Catholic Christmas. By the last days of December they feel tired, full, therefore they try to spend the main night of the year at home or in close company with friends. In principle, like many Russians.

However, on the streets, squares, and in resort towns on the beaches, almost until the morning many locals and thousands of tourists from Europe walk around, who decided to say goodbye to the outgoing year on the western end of the continent. Municipalities are specially prepared – they spare no money on decorations and entertainment. Hours from ten in the evening concerts and various events begin.

But tourists who are not familiar with local customs often remain dissatisfied: they complain about shops that are closing early, museums that do not work on holidays, and the inability to get to the chosen restaurant. In order not to be in a similar situation, prepare for the trip. Continue reading

We calculate the budget of a trip to Portugal: Tourist tax

Active travelers are aware that in many European cities they have to pay additional tourist fees. The cost per night in hotels varies from 0.75 to 5 euros. Depends on the specific city, and sometimes the status of the institution. For example, in hostels in a number of cities the tax is less, and in five-star hotels – an order of magnitude more.

There is also a practice of charging at the time of arrival in the city – at airports and seaports.

In Portugal, tourist taxes are gradual. Before this, projects are carefully considered, conditions are determined, and the amount of collection calculated.

In the capital, collection is part of the Strategic Plan for Tourism in Lisbon. According to available information, the money will be taken until 2019, but the situation may change. Continue reading

The whole truth about the climate of Portugal

The encyclopedias indicate that continental Portugal (do not forget about Madeira and the Azores) is located in a subtropical climate zone. However, this information does not give an unambiguous answer about the actual state of affairs.

In short, the country is characterized by tropical summers, but non-tropical winters. That is, in the summer months the thermometer rolls over because of hell, and in the winter months it is difficult to imagine that this is a southern country. But this is averaged information, because the weather in a particular place depends on the topography and the distance from the ocean, which sets the “concert” – it blows life-giving coolness in the midst of July hell, softens the February cold, treacherously descending from the mountains.

Inexperienced tourists generalized table of average monthly temperature in Portugal is confusing, since the daily fluctuations on the coast sometimes reaches 20º. It is more useful to deal with the weather by region. Continue reading

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